Privacy Policy

FHEMWidget does not grab and store any private data from you, your address book, your Mac, iPad or iPhone or whichever other device or medium is in play.

Please note that FHEMWidget has nothing to do with the Apple App Store and that FHEMWidget does not sell the subscriptions, Apple does.

If you contact FHEMWidget by email, through its websites or App - your contact information will only be used for that purpose and deleted afterwards. FHEMWidget does not store that information and does not sell it. Of course emails have to be stored on the mail server for a short time in order to provide support.

Already activated/registered Apps purchased from FHEMWidget are non-refundable.

If you purchase FHEMWidget and its subscriptions on the Apple App Store - you purchase them from Apple and their rules apply.

There is no such thing as a bug free App and thus FHEMWidget is not responsible for any damage or loss of data.

The FHEMWidget website does not make use of tracking functions, cookies or anything. They are plain static html. All data that is stored on the Sync Server is non persistent. There is no database and all data is deleted automatically after at least one minute after the last access with one given token.

For the push service, the Apple Push Token is stored persistently and deleted after a push is tried and was not successful. This token is connected with the sync token in order to identify the FHEM instance as well as the target app.

For the sync service, the server stores the data that is sent to it by the client non-persistently. As soon as the client is stopped, the data is deleted ftom the server. As soon as the server restarts, all data (except for the push tokens) is lost and resynchronized with the server upon reboot of the server or after reconnect of the client.